Back Story 


Numbers Matching

43,000 Original Miles


The exact details are a bit sketchy right now, but I have been able to uncover some interesting details.

So far, the story goes like this. According to the Shipping Data Report obtained from NCRS, this 1966, L34 Chevelle SS was built on April 22, 1966 in the Atlanta plant and then shipped to Phelps and Overstreet Motors Inc. in Columbia Kentucky arriving on April 26th. In the early 1970's the car was purchased by a gentleman who lived in Florida and the car remained in the Sunshine State until his death in 2013. After his estate was settled, the car was shipped to the gentleman's son in New Jersey. Although an automotive enthusiast, muscle car's weren't the son's thing and he decided to put the car up for sale. The car was then purchased by a private collector in 2014.

I purchased the car in November for 2015 from that collector and plan on completing additional detail work to bring it up to the level it so rightfully deserves. Don't get me wrong, this '66 is all there and looks fantastic but it does require some elbow grease to bring in up a notch.  

What we have here is a low mileage, very original 1966 Chevelle SS that retains the vast majority of it's original parts with one repaint in the mid 1990's to the original code E-E Danube Blue. 

I do know this much... you don't see many this color in the 360HP version so please feel free to check back periodically below for updates on my progress.

Walk around my '66 SS





Cosmetic Restoration


Every once in a while, you get lucky enough to find a classic muscle car like this.

Simply put, except for the one repaint in the mid 1990's, this is a very original 1966 Chevelle SS.

While the car retains its original motor, transmission and rear end it also has many other original components such as the Holly carb, Harrison rad, Delco alternator and even the original date coded starter!

While in exception shape for it's age, the car lacks the attention to detail that it rightly deserves.

In the spring of 2016, I started to apply the attention to detail a car like this deserves.

My goal is simple... correct all the 'wrongs" and make it as correct as possible.

Below you can check out the progress broken out into categories.

You know what they say, a muscle car is a passion and they are never done!


Did You Know?

I've been in this hobby for a long time... and as far back as I can remember I have been told that for component date codes to be considered correct they should have been within a certain amount of time before the assembly date. Some say 1- 3 month's and I've heard as long as 6 months.

Below you will find some unusual features and pictorial evidence to the contrary...

My '66 breaks the rules on a number of fronts including date codes, transmission and exhaust... 

Click the main picture  to reveal a caption about each shot... enjoy!


Long Style Exhaust
L78 M20
Rear End Casting
Unpainted Trunk Bolts
Passenger Side Manifold